Champions League: Brawl in the VIP room! Feyenoord fans are completely freaking out

After Atlético Madrid’s 3-2 win in the Champions League against Feyenoord Rotterdam, there was a scandal. Feyenoord fans go completely crazy in the VIP room and cause a fight. The police have to intervene.

Five goals were scored on the pitch and fists were flying in the VIP area! There was a fan scandal in the Champions League on Wednesday that also kept the police on their toes.

Uproar in the Champions League: Feyenoord fans are freaking out

During the game between Atlético Madrid and Feyenoord Rotterdam (3-2), there were chaotic scenes in the most exclusive area of ​​the Estadio Cívitas Metropolitano, at the end of which several people were arrested.

Videos on social networks showed the incidents in which the police took decisive action against numerous men. The trigger was apparently cowardly attacks by radical guest fans who were said to be targeting peaceful Atlético fans.

Tables and chairs were also thrown, as an eyewitness reported to the sports portal “Relevo”. Security forces had previously expelled around 20 Feyenoord fans from their seats who were said to have misbehaved during the early stages of the game.

Thousands of fans accompanied the Dutch champions to the Spanish capital, and not all of them were just accommodated in the guest block. It was initially unclear whether the Dutch chaotics had forced their way into the VIP area or had dug deep into their pockets at prices of 190 euros to get the last available tickets.

Police ensured calm after a fight

Numerous police officers in full gear paraded between bar tables and food stalls in the catering area, sometimes even having to use their batons to ensure peace.

In one of the clips you can also hear the racist derailment of a Spanish football fan. At the end of the evening there were several injuries and six Dutch people were arrested.

Some Feyenoord fans were apparently frustrated after their team’s narrow defeat at the group favorites after they squandered a lead twice. The hosts were able to equalize the 0:1 and 1:2 before the break, and shortly after the break Álvaro Morata made the final score 3:2.

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