China-Taiwan conflict: Taiwan has Hamas attack analyzed for its own purposes

China-Taiwan conflict in the ticker: Taiwan has Hamas attack on Israel analyzed for its own purposes.

China repeatedly demonstrates its military power in front of Taiwan. Because of Hamas’ major attack on Israel, Taiwan has set up a group of experts to draw its own lessons for its relationship with China. More on the conflict between China and Taiwan in the ticker.

Taiwan allows Hamas attack on Israel to be analyzed for its own purposes

Thursday, October 12th, 10:15 a.m.: Because of Hamas’ major attack on Israel, Taiwan has set up a group of experts to draw its own lessons for its relationship with China. The work of the secret services is important because it allows wars to be predicted and prevented, said Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng in Taipei on Thursday. According to him, Taiwan is prepared for a conflict. The democratic island state with more than 23 million inhabitants and its army wanted to avoid war with rival China.

Taiwan is only separated from the People’s Republic by a strait, the Taiwan Strait. The great power China, ruled by the Communist Party, considers Taiwan part of its territory and has already threatened to invade. China regularly demonstrates its military might in the Taiwan Strait.

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In the event of a conflict, Taiwan is likely to receive support from Western partners such as the USA. The US military also has a regular presence in the Pacific region. On Thursday, a US reconnaissance aircraft flew through the Taiwan Strait, the US Navy said. According to a spokesman, the Chinese military sent a fighter jet to monitor the passage of the US plane.

Taiwan’s president calls for peace in the Taiwan Strait

Tuesday, October 10th, 11:28 a.m.: Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen called for peace in the Taiwan Strait as the only solution for global security on the democratic island state’s National Day. “Maintaining the status quo as the highest common denominator for all sides is the critical key to securing peace,” she said in Taipei on Tuesday. The international community must understand that peace and stability in the strait between Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China is an indispensable part of global security.

On October 10, the people of Taiwan commemorate a 1911 uprising that led to the founding of the Republic of China. Many years later, the republic under interim President Sun Yat-sen lost the civil war against the communists in China and was forced to flee to Taiwan. Taiwan, with its 23 million inhabitants, still bears the official name of the Republic of China today.

The People’s Republic of China, ruled by the Communist Party, considers Taiwan to be part of its territory. The biggest threat to peace and stability in the region is that Tsai’s party “stubbornly adheres to the secessionist stance of Taiwan’s independence,” said China’s foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin in Beijing on Tuesday.

Taiwan has been governed by an independent democratic government for decades. China repeatedly demonstrates its military power in the Taiwan Strait. In September, a record number of military aircraft flew through Taiwan’s air surveillance zone. A war in the region is likely to have far-reaching consequences, for example because the USA has promised support for Taiwan.

“Differences in the Taiwan Strait must be resolved peacefully,” Tsai said. Her government stuck to its promises not to provoke, not to act harshly and not to bow to pressure. The upcoming presidential election in Taiwan in January is also eagerly awaited, in which Tsai from the Democratic Progressive Party will no longer run after two terms in office.

More than 100 Chinese military aircraft registered off Taiwan

Monday, September 18th, 5:07 a.m.: Taiwan registered more than 100 Chinese military aircraft flying around its island in one day. The Ministry of Defense in Taipei said on Monday that 103 aircraft from the People’s Liberation Army of China and 9 naval ships had been recorded within 24 hours by 6:00 a.m. (local time). The Chinese military flies into the area almost daily. This time the number was comparatively high at 103 aircraft. “We call on the authorities in Beijing to take responsibility and immediately stop such unilateral, destructive actions,” Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said.

According to the information, 40 planes flew over the symbolic center line in the Taiwan Strait, the strait between the Republic of Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China. They thereby penetrated the air defense zone in the southeast and southwest of Taiwan.

China, ruled by the Communist Party, sees Taiwan, with its around 24 million inhabitants, as part of its territory. Beijing therefore reacts sensitively when delegations from other countries visit the country or promise support. Most recently, China sanctioned two US defense companies for selling weapons to Taiwan, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced.

Last weekend, representatives from China and the USA spoke to each other in several rounds in Malta. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi told National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan that the Taiwan issue was a “red line” that should not be crossed in China-US relations, according to Chinese sources. According to the White House, the US and China want to hold further talks at the “highest level” in the coming months.

Democratic Taiwan has had an independent government since 1949. Beijing has threatened to invade in the past. Most recently, observers also assumed that the Chinese military was holding a major exercise in the Western Pacific, where Taiwan is located. China’s Foreign Ministry did not provide any information and called for provocations that disrupted peace in the Taiwan Strait to be avoided.

Biden’s security adviser meets Chinese foreign minister

10:35 p.m.: In an effort to ease bilateral tensions, high-ranking representatives from the US and China met for two days in Malta. According to Washington, US President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, met with Chinese chief diplomat Wang Yi on Saturday and Sunday.

“Both sides engaged in open, substantive and constructive discussions,” the White House said. A US government official said the weekend meeting lasted a total of 12 hours.

“This meeting was part of ongoing efforts to maintain open lines of communication and manage the relationship responsibly,” the White House said. Sullivan and Wang agreed to maintain this communication channel and to hold further high-level discussions.

A number of US government officials, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, recently met with representatives of the Chinese government to prepare for a possible meeting between US President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping. The two presidents last met at the G20 summit in Indonesia last year.

During the conversation with Sullivan in Malta, Wang said, according to Beijing, that the Taiwan issue was a “red line” that “must not be crossed” in Sino-American relations. According to the US, Sullivan pointed out the “importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.”

28 Chinese fighter jets around Taiwan spotted

Sunday, September 17th, 8:30 a.m.: According to information from Taipei, China flew 28 fighter jets around Taiwan on Sunday. According to the Taiwan Defense Ministry, 20 of these aircraft crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait and entered the southeast and southwest air surveillance zones of the island. China is carrying out “missions such as long-range exercises and training,” the defense ministry continued, saying it was monitoring the situation with patrol aircraft and ships.

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