Chris Evans and Alba Baptista secretly married

Actor Chris Evans married Alba Baptista, a 26-year-old actress, in an intimate wedding ceremony at her home in Boston, according to the dailymail reported. The superhero actor, who became famous in the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Steve Rogers, opted for a private celebration with strict security measures. Guests were asked to sign confidentiality agreements and hand over their phones to ensure the couple’s privacy. Guests included Marvel colleagues such as Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth.

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista: A happy love

Friends and families of both fiancés expressed enthusiasm for the couple’s relationship. An insider revealed that Chris Evans has never been happier and that his loved ones adore Alba Baptista just as much as he does. Alba Baptista, the woman at Evan’s side, is an actress with an impressive career. She acted in various films and was the leading actress in the Netflixseries “Warrior Nun”. She is also involved in humanitarian work and provided valuable help in an orphanage in Cambodia.

Chris Evans: His pursuit of family happiness

For Chris Evans, this wedding marks a special moment in his life. The popular actor has been in various relationships in the past, including with Jenny Slate, Minka Kelly and Jessica Biel. Last year there were also rumors about a relationship with Selena Gomez. Chris told People 2022 that he feels very “satisfied” in his private life. And he also shared that he would like to settle down one day. “That’s absolutely something I want: wife, kids, starting a family,” the actor said. “If you read about most of the best artists, whether actors, painters or writers, most of them admit that it wasn’t the work they did that they were most proud of, but the relationships; the families they created, the love they found, the love they shared. So this is also something that has come true in my 41 years. These things are the most important. I love the idea of ​​tradition and ceremony. I’ve had a lot of that in my life, so I can’t think of anything better than doing that.”

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