Commune 1: After 20 years, Rainer Langhans’ harem is complete again

Rainer Langhans is one of the co-founders of the legendary “Kommune 1”, which was created in West Berlin in 1967. The concept of the hippie commune? An open and equal community as a counter-concept to the stuffy nuclear family.

Rainer Langhans, who made his incurable prostate cancer public in 2020, took the word “open” literally and portrayed himself as a love guru with a group of young ladies who became famous as “The Harem”.

Anna Weber was one of them: She joined Rainer and the two harem ladies Brigitte Streubel and Jutta Winkelmann in 1974. Christa Ritter and Jutta’s twin sister Gisela Getty were later added. After Anna Weber had spent the past 20 years away from the hustle and bustle of Rainer Langhans’ love, she now reunited with the remaining three ladies for a vacation in Sardinia, as “Bild” reports.

“Now she wants to have more contact with us again, which makes us very happy.”

But Anna Weber didn’t come alone: ​​The 83-year-old brought her daughter Johanna and granddaughter Romy with her to Sardinia. Together, the illustrious group enjoyed the last warm rays of sunshine on the Italian Mediterranean island.

Even though the group now seems to be complete again, one lady is missing: Gisela’s twin sister Jutta Winkelmann died in 2017 as a result of cancer. Jutta’s son Severin was there, who visited the colorful group while they were swimming, meditating and just having a nice chat.

The fact that Anna Weber came to Sardinia from her tranquil life on Lake Walchen makes Rainer Langhans and the others happy: “She has lived there in the absence of men ever since. Now she wants to have more contact with us again, which makes us very happy,” said Rainer Langhans.

Rainer Langhans: “We are a spiritual group”

The gentlemen are all getting on in years and let their gray to white hair blow in the wind. However, sometimes there are still little jealousies between them. “Of course the individual ladies are vying for attention, but there are no big jealousy dramas anymore,” emphasizes Rainer Langhans. “We are a spiritual group that walks a spiritual path within together. There is a deep love between us.”

Socio-political issues are still very important for all of them, “how to maintain and further strengthen cohesion. Free from claims of ownership and material things,” explained the free spirit, who took part in the jungle camp in 2011.

They no longer live together in a commune: “We live in small houses close to each other and spend every day together,” said Rainer Langhans, describing the current living situation. “In Munich, Christa, Brigitte and Gisela now live in the same house in Schwabing, each in their own apartment, but under one roof. And I’m just around the corner.” They’ve been traveling to Sardinia together for 30 years.

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