Companion turns away: Former loyalist calls Trump an idiot

For the first time, a previously loyal supporter of Donald Trump is publicly criticizing the ex-president and calling him a traitor and idiot. These comments come from ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl’s new book, “Tired of Winning.” This reports “Raw Story“.

Anonymous source criticizes Trump as a ‘traitor

Speaking to MSNBC’s Jen Psaki, Karl revealed that a person who has not previously taken a public stand against Trump is making serious allegations against the former president. The former senior White House aide, whose identity is not revealed in the book, expressed strong criticism of Trump: “He is a traitor and an evil in the nation, and represents a clear and present danger to our democracy and the rule of law.”

The critic, who had worked closely with Trump for more than a year, also added that Trump lacked any decency, modesty or compassion. He also found the ex-president to be morally bankrupt, breathtakingly dishonest, deadly incompetent and shockingly ignorant of governance, history, geography, human events or international affairs.

Insider sharply criticizes Trump’s behavior

Jonathan Karl explained that the person did not publicly oppose Trump and did not repeat lies about the election. She also did not take public action against Trump. Nevertheless, this insider, who served him loyally for more than a year, is the one who expresses the most critical and harshest criticism of Trump. In particular, those closest to Trump would sound the loudest alarm about what a second Trump term would mean. Some of them, such as John Kelly, have gone public to make this point clear.

Trump’s old tricks – exaggeration and deception in the courtroom.

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