Concerned about cousin, desperate Kadyrov turns to Ukraine

Adam Delimkhanov has been a member of the Russian parliament for President Vladimir Putin’s party since 2007. Now he was wounded in a Ukrainian attack. His whereabouts and health are unclear. However, Delimkhanov is not just anyone, but the cousin of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

The concern is now so great that he is addressing a request directly to Ukraine. “I myself have no way of contacting Adam Delimkhanov. He does not answer. I ask the Ukrainian secret service to provide information about the exact place and positions of the attack so that I can find my dear brother,” Kadyrov wrote on Telegram. He also promises a “generous reward”.

Zelenskyj advisor lets Kadyrov run up: “Probably killed”

Delimkhanov is considered a close confidant of Kadyrov and “the second man in Chechnya with incredible powers,” as Ukrainian government adviser Anton Gerashchenko explains on Telegram. He lets Kadyrov play and goes even further. According to him, “‘dear brother’ Delimkhanov was probably killed”. Gerashchenko continued: “If he came under fire from Ukrainian artillery, then it was clearly no coincidence. By the way, there are many more people in Russia who want him dead than in Ukraine itself.”

Most recently, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated that it had contracted the special unit Achmat as a result of the dispute with the Wagner mercenary group. This is considered to be Kadyrov’s private army. By July 1, the ministry wants to take command of all private armies fighting on the Moscow side.

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