Cornelia Funke wants a television series

Cornelia Funke wants a television series

Cornelia Funke wants the “Ink World” television series

Many people will see the faces of actors Brendan Fraser and Paul Bettany when reading the Ink World books. The film’s images hardly influenced the author Cornelia Funke when she wrote her fourth volume.

Hamburg. The appearance of the actors in the literary adaptation “Inkheart” hardly influenced Cornelia Funke (64) when writing the other three volumes of the Ink World series. “Paul Bettany just looks like Dustfinger,” Funke told the German Press Agency in Hamburg.

The cast of the film was very good. “In order to get Paul Bettany, I even gave up part of my rights price.” The British actor told her that he understood Dustfinger’s homesickness very well and could play it. “I don’t see Dustfinger exactly like him. I still have my own image in my head, but it’s very close to Paul.”

She also had Brendan Fraser in mind as bookbinder and “magic tongue” Mo when she was writing the book. “That hasn’t changed as a result of the film.” In addition, most of the heroes and places in her fourth Ink World volume have not yet appeared in any film. “As a result, this world is actually still undescribed.”

Cornelia Funke doesn’t want the story to be shortened, but to be deepened.

Should a director want to and be allowed to delve into the world of ink again, Cornelia Funke has a clear wish: “If that were to happen – at some point and of course there are always requests – I would no longer want a film adaptation, but a television series.” That would be the case completely different ways to unfold the story and do justice to the characters. “This is now probably the wish of everyone whose books are made into films: that the story cannot be shortened, but rather deepened.”

Funke will publish the fourth volume of their Ink World series on October 12th. The book “The Color of Revenge” tells of Dustfinger and the Black Prince and asks the question of whether words or images are more powerful.

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