Crimean bridge debacle: ISW sees massive logistics problems for Russia

Ukrainian attacks hit Russia’s lifelines: key bridges connecting Crimea to occupied territories are hit. The Institute for the Study of War sees serious consequences for Russia’s logistics and transport.

Ukrainian forces have attacked key bridges in Kherson Oblast. These bridges connect Crimea to other Russian-occupied territories. The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has stated that these attacks severely affect Russia logistically.

In particular, the Tschonhar and Henichesk bridges are affected. Both are extremely important to Russia’s communications and transportation. After the Henichesk Bridge attack, Russia may be forced to take other, longer routes, the ISW said.

Another problem highlighted by The Kyiv Independent, citing the ISW, is that some of the alternative routes could be in the firing line of Ukrainian artillery. This means that Russia may have to switch to smaller roads. This would significantly slow down the movement of troops and materiel.

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