Critical phase of the war: Ukraine explains the importance of Klishchyivka

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have achieved a decisive strategic success with the liberation of the settlement of Klishchyivka in Donetsk Oblast. According to Illia Yevlasch, head of the press service of the Skhid (East) operational command, this victory represents a springboard for future offensive operations. This, according to Jevlasch, allows Ukraine to continue its efforts to liberate the country from the invaders.

One of the key points of this strategic success is control over logistics routes. Ukrainska Pravda quotes Yevlash as saying that it is of particular importance for the Russians to resupply their forces in Bakhmut. The liberation of Klishchyivka also allows Ukraine to carry out deeper attacks with artillery systems, FPV drones and other weapons on enemy positions, especially on the southern flank.

Railway in focus: A critical supply hub in the Ukraine conflict

The current situation is characterized by intense fighting near the railway line. The importance of this railway for Russia should not be underestimated, as it is essential for supplying the Russian armed forces. The radius of their supply is around 50 to 60 kilometers. Beyond this range, logistics for the occupying army become significantly more complicated, Jewlasch told Ukrainska Pravda. She emphasized that the public would be informed as soon as it was clear who controlled the railway line.

Finally, Ukrainska Pravda reported that the combined assault brigade Lyut (Anger) of the National Police of Ukraine confirmed the liberation of Klishchyivka on Sunday.

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