Criticism against Princess Kate’s mother Carole – creditors are furious

Princess Kate’s family has enjoyed prosperity for a long time through her company Party Pieces. Now her mother had to give up the business. What remains are high debts. Creditors feel “cheated” and fear they won’t get their money back.

Hard times for Princess Kate’s family (41). Her mother Carole Middleton’s (68) company has failed. After years of successfully earning her money with party items, she had to give up her business “Party Pieces”, which she had founded in 1987.

Middleton family: They owed their prosperity to their business

For a long time this went so well that it is mainly used to explain the Middletons’ prosperity. Especially since Carole Middleton was able to use the online business from 1990, things went uphill, as “ You could see that in the family’s possessions: a property, their own racehorses, they bought land, the children went to good schools.

Creditors are upset: “Absolutely unacceptable”

But after 36 years, the company is said to have failed, although Carole Middleton had ambitious plans for it last year. Debts of 2.6 million pounds sterling (about 3 million euros) remain. The Middletons had previously sold their party supplies shop to a Scottish businessman – but defeat could no longer be averted.

This is not only painful for the Middletons, but also for many creditors who are now said to be left empty-handed. The company “Sultani Gas” from Kent is said to be left with bills of over 20,000 pounds. A spokesman for the company said it felt “betrayed” by Carole Middleton, especially since she was so trusted as “the future king’s mother-in-law.” (…) That is absolutely unacceptable.” Another creditor is still waiting for £600,000.

The landlord of the premises, which the Middletons’ business used, now fears “serious financial consequences” and was amazed at how much money the family also owes to others.

After the Corona aid package: Kate’s family’s reputation is suffering

But that’s not all: During the pandemic, the family also received a Corona aid package – financed by taxpayers’ money. “Party Pieces” is said to have received £219,000.

The question remains where all the money went. The success of the company was repeatedly emphasized and the lifestyle of the Middletons left little doubt about it. Not only since her daughter married Prince William (40) did they move in the highest social circles.

Carole Middleton is said to have stepped into the background three years ago and left the business to a new management – but this is said to have run the shop into the abyss. According to a source, she herself is said to have tried everything to handle the current situation in such a way that all creditors get their money. It is currently not certain whether this will actually happen. In any case, the Middletons themselves can no longer be prosecuted personally – at least that is the legal situation. It cannot be ruled out that their public reputation could suffer as a result of these events.

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