Dam blast: A desperate act by Putin to see success?

Billions of cubic meters of water are now pouring over the country. The Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine was brutally blown up. And Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz immediately saw this as a “new dimension” to the war. Ukraine speaks of a “deliberate crime”. Conversely, Russia quickly blamed Ukraine for the crime.

Green leader Nouripour reiterates: support Ukraine

The ZDF talk show “Maybrit Illner” is discussing “By all means – a new dimension in the Ukraine war?” What helps now? Green Party leader Omid Nouripour affirms that one must help Ukraine. Because: “The fact that it was the Ukrainians doesn’t speak for it.” Sanctions against Russia must now be pushed further. Claus Kleber, ZDF journalist, is clearly following suit. “Surprisingly, the sanctions are of little use.” He just found out about this directly from his network in Russia. “I’m a little distraught about it.”

The water flows, the wealth melts

Unlike the Americans so far, Liana Fix, Russia and Eastern Europe expert, has made a commitment: “At the moment, all the evidence is pointing to Russia.” draw a card.” And that too: “It’s not very controlled.” By blowing up the dam, he refers to the danger of epidemics and mines. Sabine Adler, longtime Moscow correspondent for Deutschlandfunk, brings a different and very interesting perspective to the table. “The oligarchs are now experiencing that money is melting away.” This great wealth, which flows directly to President Putin, will “be fought hard in the future.”

Putin wants success – the West should be more afraid

How big is the fear in the West? Journalist Sabine Adler sees a “play with the West’s fear of a nuclear catastrophe”. The dam blowing up? “Putin finally wants to report successes.” Green leader Nouripour supports this: “It’s about setting brute symbols.” And, the politician also emphasizes: “It’s about pressing our buttons of fear.”

Arguments and Maps – and “50 Shades of Offensive”

We note: It is an expert discussion on “Maybrit Illner” on ZDF. If you like the exchange of arguments based on maps, you may have felt that you were in good hands. But does this TV talk have content for many viewers? One thing is clear: Russia’s war against Ukraine is devastating. “50 Shades of Offensive”, recognizes military expert Christian Mölling in the actions of the Ukraine. That doesn’t sound hopeful, not even among the discussants at “Maybrit Illner”. It is feared that this war will continue for many years to come.

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