Daniel Noboa elected “youngest” president in Ecuador’s history

As the head of the electoral authority, Diana Atamaint, announced, the 35-year-old won “irreversibly” against his left-wing rival Luisa González on Sunday (local time) “after counting more than 90 percent of all valid votes” with 52.3 percent. Ecuador has thus “practically elected Noboa president.” Noboa is likely to become the youngest president in the country’s history.

According to the electoral authority, González won around 47.7 percent of the vote. Immediately after the partial results were published, the 45-year-old lawyer admitted her defeat. She conveyed her “heartfelt congratulations” to Noboa because this is “democracy.” “President-elect Daniel Noboa should receive our warmest congratulations,” González told her supporters in the capital Quito.

Candidate shot dead during election campaign

Meanwhile, Noboa’s supporters celebrated their candidate’s victory with honking car parades in the streets of the capital. According to Interior Minister Juan Zapata, the ten-hour vote took place without any violent incidents. The vote took place in a climate of fear after a promising candidate was shot dead on the campaign trail two months ago amid a drug war. Around 100,000 soldiers and police were deployed to ensure the security of the election.

Election winner Noboa will initially only be in office for 16 months – until the end of the term of current President Guillermo Lasso. Lasso had called the election to avoid impending impeachment proceedings over corruption allegations. González and Noboa could then run for election again in 2025.

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