David Beckham reveals how he met Victoria

They are considered an absolute dream couple: David (48) and Victoria Beckham (49). The two have been a couple for 26 years and are still big fans of each other today – as they were right at the beginning, before they even got together. In the new one Netflixdocumentary “Beckham”, which will be broadcast from October 4th, they fondly remember the time when they met in 1997.

David Beckham thought Victoria was “amazing”

For the couple, who tied the knot in a romantic wedding two years later, their first meeting is still unforgettable. In a trailer for the documentary series, David Beckham raved about his future wife: “When I spoke to her for the first time, I just thought she was great.”

Victoria “stalked” her future husband David at football games

Victoria had already had her eye on him and had come to his club Manchester United’s football matches. “I really just went to the games to, some would say to stalk him, I would say to see him,” the fashion designer revealed in the trailer.

What she particularly liked at the time was that David wasn’t at the bar in the football lounge after the game, but with his parents. She also confessed that she was close to her family and added: “I loved that side of him.”

David Beckham removes emotional memory

The two only spoke to each other a short time later, as David explained on Jimmy Fallon’s (49) TV show three years ago: “The following week she came to Manchester to watch another game of mine.” She had already had a few drinks, so he thought: “Why not? “I’m trying to get her number!” he described the moment. “We talked for about an hour in the players’ lounge.” When we said goodbye, Victoria didn’t have a piece of paper ready: “So she wrote her number on her train ticket, which I still have.”

David Beckham’s parents weren’t initially keen on the romance. “We were afraid he would lose everything he had worked for,” admitted David’s mom Sandra Georgina West (74) in the documentary. Everything always revolved around football and then suddenly it wasn’t anymore. But the two prevailed, married in 1999 and had three sons Brooklyn (24), Romeo (21), Cruz (18) and daughter Harper (12).

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