Deep in Russian territory: Ukraine hits Putin’s long-range bombers

A major military airfield was hit on Russian territory, destroying a powerful long-range bomber. The UK MoD underscores Russia’s strategic impact and growing security concerns.

According to British information, a Russian military airfield near St. Petersburg was attacked, with a long-range Tupolev Tu-22M3 bomber (NATO code: Backfire) being destroyed. According to the British MoD, this bomber was capable of firing inaccurate Ch-22 Burja (NATO: AS-4 Kitchen) cruise missiles at Ukrainian positions.

The UK ministry stressed: “This is at least the third successful attack on a long-range airfield, raising questions again about Russia’s ability to protect strategic locations deep in the interior.”

Again Ukrainian drones near Moscow

On Tuesday morning, the Defense Ministry in Moscow reported that Russian air defenses were able to successfully fend off several Ukrainian drones. According to a Telegram message from the ministry, two of these drones were neutralized in the Moscow region, with no casualties. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin confirmed on Telegram that the drones were shot down near the satellite city of Krasnogorsk and in a settlement west of Moscow. Rescue workers are already at the scene.

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