Delicious recipes for the lunch break: how to eat healthy in the office

During the lunch break, things usually have to be quick and there is a great temptation to fall back on ready-made currywurst, pizza or other fast food. But that doesn’t have to be the case: With these ideas, you can also rely on healthy and tasty nutrition in the office.

A healthy diet is important not only at home, but also at work. Just sweets or the currywurst from the canteen every day are not a solution and are also not conducive to your mental performance. With these ideas and recipes, you can also eat healthy and delicious in the office.

Don’t sit at your laptop during the lunch break

What matters is how you spend your lunch break. Be sure to get up! Many make the mistake of staying at their desk while gorging on something on the side. But your body only gets going through fresh air and exercise. Don’t keep staring at the monitor, you’ll have more power. Always make sure you have a real lunch break, stretch your legs and also give your eyes some rest from the screen.

Wraps, rice or pasta dishes can easily be prepared the day before

The following applies: be prepared. You can prepare your lunch the evening before. You save yourself the hustle and bustle in the morning and still have a delicious meal with you for the break. Better yet, make a plan for the weekend with simple, easy-to-implement meals for the workweek. Salads, wraps or rice and pasta dishes with lots of vegetables are ideal.
Adjust to the local conditions: Is there a stovetop or microwave at your place of work, or does the kitchen stay cold? Either way, your meal should definitely be prepared. The less you have to prepare on site, the faster the food will be on the table and the temptation to trek to the snack bar will decrease.

Delicious Buddha bowl for the lunch break

How about a Buddha bowl, for example? There are no limits to your creativity and it is also simply delicious cold. Rice, couscous, glass noodles or quinoa serve to fill you up, lentils, tofu or falafel are vegetarian sources of protein. With vegetables, fruit and a dip you add a fresh kick, nuts, sprouts or sesame serve as a topping.

Salad is easy to prepare and can be pimped with feta or nuts

If the many ingredients and the long snipping for a bowl are too time-consuming for you, grab a salad. Simply chop up a lettuce and add diced feta, cocktail tomatoes, nuts, salt and pepper. Put the oil and vinegar in an extra container so that you only pour the dressing over the salad just before eating it so that it doesn’t get soggy.

Make your own summer roll

The summer roll comes perfectly packaged. The spring roll’s healthy sister isn’t fried; instead, vegetables, tofu, and glass noodles are wrapped in rice paper. Prepare yourself a soy sauce, lime juice, peanut butter, chili and garlic dip and look forward to the next lunch break.

Don’t forget to have breakfast: Muesli is easy to prepare in the office

Are you also one of those people who leave the house without breakfast because otherwise it would be too scarce? Then be sure to catch up on the first meal of the day in the office, it is the basis for a successful day. Simply store a packet of muesli and yoghurt or oat milk in the office kitchen, so you can always have a nutritious meal and start the day invigorated.

Pre-cook vegetable curries or ratatouille and warm them up in the office

Vegetable curries or ratatouille can also be prepared perfectly in advance and reheated in the microwave. In contrast to soups, they are also easier to transport. Also try lentil dishes: they are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber and keep you full for a long time.

Healthy fast food: sushi

Fast food can also be healthy: in the form of sushi. It is low in fat, has few calories and lots of vitamin-rich ingredients. The high rice content ensures that you get full quickly. The seaweed leaves are considered to be real slimmers, as they are full of zinc, vitamins A, C, E and B12.

Wholemeal crispbread instead of sandwiches

A higher ability to concentrate is promoted by complex carbohydrates and foods with a high fiber content. Instead of sandwiches, it’s better to go for a wholemeal variety – or better: wholemeal crispbread. This is also perfect for storing in the office kitchen. If you then have a delicious spread in the Refrigerator ready, the cravings can come.

Nuts, corn waffles or dried fruit are ideal for snacking

Sometimes tea or water isn’t enough. It’s better to stock up on healthy treats instead of reaching for a chocolate bar. Dried fruit, corn waffles or nuts belong in every secret snack drawer and are wonderful food for the nerves. Freshly cut fruit and vegetables are also great for snacking on the side. Simply prepare bite-sized pieces and bring them with you in a food storage container.

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