Despite Bayern’s efforts, Spurs boss says: “Don’t sell Kane for 100 million either”

Despite Harry Kane’s commitment to change, the transfer poker for the England star is becoming a real game of patience. This is mainly due to Tottenham boss Daniel Levy, who continues to stand in the way and does not want to give his top scorer permission to change.

With the exception of Uli Hoeneß, FC Bayern is being patient in the case of Kane. Club boss Jan-Christian Dreesen has been visibly trying to correct Hoeneß’s verbal outburst in the past few days. According to “Bild”, the 55-year-old even picked up the phone and called Spurs President Daniel Levy to smooth things over.

As “Sport Bild” reports, this has not changed the basic attitude of the 61-year-old. Levy remains stubborn with Kane and does not want to let the England international go despite his contract expiring in the summer.

Bayern don’t want to force anything with a crowbar

It is interesting: According to “Sport Bild” information, Levy was not too good at Bayern even before the Hoeneß offensive. When he found out that the Munich team had agreed with Kane behind his back on a change in the summer, he is said to have made it clear in a conversation with friends: “I’m not letting him go for 70, 80 or 100 million!”.

Even though Bayern met Levy in person last week, there have not yet been any concrete negotiations between the two clubs. The reason for this is relatively simple. According to Hoeneß, Munich must first find out what price Tottenham is asking for Kane.

Those responsible at Säbener Straße remain calm and trust in Kane’s word, who has apparently made it very clear that he wants to switch to the German record champions this summer. Even if Levy’s behavior often seems irrational, Bayern do not want to “force anything with a crowbar” in the transfer game with the Premier League club.

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