Despite heavy losses: Russians continue to send forces to the Avdiivka front

Despite difficulties caused by mechanized attacks, Russian forces are intensifying their presence on the Avdiivka front. It is reported that there is likely to be a lull in fighting following a failed major attack in which Russia suffered significant casualties. “ISWAccording to the statement, the Ukrainian armed forces carried out an “unexpected” counterattack in the Pisky region. However, there are conflicting reports as to whether Ukrainian advances in the Pisky and Opytne areas actually took place.

Landfill still contested

According to ISW, a blogger who covers military issues claimed that the Avdiivka dump area has not been completely cleared by the Russian armed forces and is currently considered a controversial “grey zone”. Another Russian source, said to be based in Avdiivka, claimed that Ukrainian forces did not carry out counterattacks in his sector.

Russians have to go through Ukrainian minefields

A blogger close to the Kremlin discussed the issue of conducting military maneuvers on a solid front line with significant military forces and fortified areas on both sides. He emphasized that Ukrainian drones and precision weapons have increasingly endangered armored vehicles. This, combined with the difficulties of overcoming Ukrainian minefields, makes Russian ground attacks significantly more difficult, according to ISW.

Comparison to the Ukrainian counteroffensive

The current challenges facing Russian forces are similar to those faced by Ukrainian forces at the start of their counteroffensive in June 2023. Ukrainian sources claimed that Russia was continuing to deploy personnel to Avdiivka to support the offensive, despite significant losses. The Russian army is in the process of moving personnel directly from Russia to the Avdiivka region to compensate for losses. Ukrainian military observer Kostyantyn Mashovets noted that additional Russian regiments had been moved towards Avdiivka, indicating a continuation of Russian operations in the region.

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