Despite the bribery scandal, Qatar-Kaili is allowed to travel to Strasbourg to work

The former Vice-President of the EU Parliament, Eva Kaili, who is suspected of corruption, is allowed to leave Belgium and travel to Strasbourg to work. A spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office in Brussels confirmed to the German Press Agency on Sunday that the MPs have permission to attend plenary sessions of Parliament in the French city. The news portal “Politico” had first reported on it.

The next of the meetings, which are held there once a month, is already scheduled for this Monday. “She is not allowed to go anywhere else in France for any other purpose without the permission of the investigating judge,” the portal quoted Kaili’s lawyers Sven Mary and Michalis Dimitrakopoulos as saying.

The party and parliamentary group threw Kaili out – but she is still in the EU Parliament

In April, after around four months in prison, the 44-year-old was initially placed under house arrest in Brussels, which she has been allowed to leave since the end of May. She is suspected of being part of the bribery scandal in the EU Parliament that became public at the end of last year. It is about alleged influence on parliamentary decisions by the governments of Qatar and Morocco. The public prosecutor accuses several suspects of corruption, money laundering and membership in a criminal organization. Kaili, Qatar and Morocco deny the allegations.

After her arrest in December 2022, the Greek was deposed as Vice President of the European Parliament. Her Pasok party and the Social Democratic group in the European Parliament excluded her. She stuck to her mandate.

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