Despite the heat and sun: 13 reasons why summer is healthy for us

Yes, it’s hot and the sun is getting to us. Nevertheless, summer is a blessing for our health. Here’s why you should enjoy the season.

Some eagerly await summer all year round, while others complain about the heat. In most cases, the warm season is actually good for us. In our gallery we reveal why summer is probably the healthiest season.

1) Vitamin D reserves are replenished in summer

At no other time of the year can we soak up as much sun as in summer. This makes the warm months perfect for replenishing our vitamin D reserves. Vitamin D is not only important for strong bones, but is even said to be able to prevent diseases such as dementia and Parkinson’s.

2) Diet is usually healthier in summer

Summer time also means that healthy fruit such as melons, berries and the like are in high season. Rarely has it been so easy to get plenty of vitamins and antioxidants with a few healthy and, above all, delicious local snacks.

3) Delicious refreshments help against the heat

Ice cream is an essential part of the summer months. But the healthier alternative also makes you happy: sorbet made from fresh summer fruit not only does not require any additional sugar, but also provides a delicious way to cool off in the hot temperatures.

4) Sweat has a health-promoting aspect

Very few people are happy when sweat runs down their foreheads. Sweating is an important bodily function that can do more than just cool down our body: bacteria are “flushed out” with the beads of sweat. In addition, the happiness hormone endorphin is released – a good mood is pre-programmed.

5) Drinking a lot helps against the heat

The higher the temperatures climb, the more important it is to drink enough. So-called “infusion water” is a great change from boring tap water: Simply cut cucumber, lime or melon into your water. It’s easy, tastes delicious and is also healthy.

6) In summer, swimming in the sea is a health booster

Who doesn’t dream of a holiday by the sea? Rightly so! Because the cool water is a true all-round talent: seawater provides us with numerous healthy minerals and also invites you to do something for your fitness while splashing and swimming.

7) Too hot for fitness? Not in the morning

The fact that it is already light in the early hours of the morning means that most people start the day much fitter. The warm temperatures in the evening also invite you to stay outside in the fresh air instead of on the sofa.

8) Sociable summer evenings increase the mood

Summer is without a doubt the most social season. Who doesn’t look forward to long summer evenings with friends instead of fleeing quickly to a warm home like in winter? Social interaction not only promotes joie de vivre, but also health.

9) Lots of time outdoors – lots of air for the lungs

In summer we usually get much better air than in winter. This is not only because we spend more time outdoors and get a lot of fresh air, but also because musty heating air is usually not the order of the day in the warm season. The lungs are happy!

10) Mood rises at higher temperatures

For women in particular, summer usually means a better mood. This is due to the fact that the female hormones react positively to higher temperatures and the mood lifts as a result.

11) Holidays in summer bring relaxation

Summer time is holiday and vacation time. Most of us take our holidays in the summer and escape everyday office life in the high temperatures. This is balm for the soul: When else can you recharge your batteries as well as on holiday?

12) Cholesterol levels are lowered

In summer, our hearts are not only literally warm. In fact, the warm months have a positive impact on our heart. Sun exposure lowers cholesterol levels, which means fewer heart attacks and strokes in the summer.

13) Nature acts as an antidepressant

Not only outdoor fans are attracted to nature in summer. That’s a good thing, because it’s a real health booster. While walks in the fresh air can have the same effect as antidepressants, nature sounds calm our nerves and lower blood pressure.

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