Diana’s butler: Harry is only with Meghan because of the children

There are always rumors and assumptions about the marriage of Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) – and especially their future. But now a prominent source has spoken up who knows the prince and the royal family better than almost anyone else.

Paul Burrell (64), the former butler of Harry’s mother, Princess Diana († 36) has commented on the couple several times, but is now doing it particularly drastically because he believes that the two will divorce.

In conversation with ” UK News “The 64-year-old clearly shows that he is not a fan of Harry’s sweetheart Meghan. “Am I the only person in Britain who is wondering: has Harry finally woken up and seen the truth?” asks the ex-butler in the TV interview.

Ex-Butler has ‘no doubt’ Harry and Meghan are about to divorce

And he goes even further: “Has he finally realized what his wife is doing? And that he was brainwashed and blinded by her beauty? Because we all know that, but he doesn’t seem to see it.” Diana’s former confidante chooses harsh but clear words. Burrell emphasizes that he knows Harry and can see that he has long since recognized the misery he is in. A divorce is therefore only a matter of time. “I have no doubt because it will happen. We all know it’s going to happen,” he said. Harry is currently unable to take this step – because of his children Archie (4) and Lilibet (1). “I think he’s always wanted to be a father, he’s always wanted to have children,” Burrell said of King Charles III’s younger son. (74).

According to Butler, Harry remains married to Duchess Meghan for the sake of the children

“If he left this relationship now, he would lose his children because Meghan would keep them in America and he wouldn’t see them,” he said. For this reason, Harry would persevere in marriage – just like his mother Diana once did. “Because of his own family history, he’s going to hold out as long as he can,” Burrell said. “But you will inevitably see cracks in this marriage because we know that with big press, big criticism and world fame comes big pressure. And this pair will have a lot of pressure on his shoulders.” Although he doesn’t really wish Harry any more drama in life, “but you know, there’s a nagging doubt in the back of my mind,” the 64-year-old sums up Harry and Meghan’s marriage.

Paul Burrell thinks Harry is returning to the British royal family

According to Burrell, Harry himself will definitely return to Britain to join the royal family after a breakup. “I have no doubt that if it happens he will return to the UK. I think both his father the King and his brother Prince William will welcome him with open arms.” And not only his family will catch Harry. Harry still has a chance with the British, who are currently so critical: “There is a part of Harry that we all love,” Diana’s ex-butler clarifies. “We just don’t understand why, he’s doing what he’s doing right now.”

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