Diana’s ex-butler thinks a political career with Duchess Meghan is conceivable

After the Spotify deal from Duchess Meghan (41) and Prince Harry (38) burst, one wonders what the two are planning as the next big step. Paul Burrell (65), the former butler of Princess Diana († 36) already has an idea – at least as far as Meghan is concerned. Lady Di’s confidante could actually imagine that the former actress could become governor of California.

Meghan would not be the first prominent governor

How “mirror.co.uk” reported, Paul Burrell is said to be of the opinion that a candidacy is not so unlikely. “Don’t underestimate Meghan. She is ambitious. What if she becomes governor of California and then rules Hollywood? Harry and Meghan could be a power couple. It’s not far-fetched,” Burrell said.

After all, some actors and actresses have aspired to political office in the past. Arnold Schwarzenegger (75) was also the governor of California for eight years. However, when you take a closer look at how popular the Sussexes are in the US, his claim is at least a little shaken. Paul Burrell himself has stated in conversations that some Americans are tired of the two. Nevertheless, the butler of Prince Harry and Prince Williams (41) deceased mother sees no obstacle in it. “I think there’s a world out there that’s still fascinated by them,” said the 65-year-old.

Diana’s butler can also imagine a fashion career for Duchess Meghan

Burrell himself certainly seems to be a fan of Harry and Meghan. He believes the pair have “a chance to really leave a legacy in Diana’s name.” In fact, he already has another option in mind if Meghan doesn’t want to go into politics after all. He could also imagine her building a foothold in the fashion industry, like Victoria Beckham (49).

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