Direct hit: Russia’s drone drops bomb on Swedish TV team

A TV4 team experiences a hair-raising attack in the Ukrainian war zone: a Russian drone missile hits their car. While the reporter and cameraman remain unharmed, other members of the team are slightly injured. The incident highlights the ever-growing danger for journalists in the crisis region.

A Swedish film crew from TV4 reported that they were attacked by a Russian drone in the southeastern war zone of Ukraine. According to the channel’s website, journalist Johan Fredriksson and cameraman Daniel Zdolsek were unharmed in Tuesday’s attack. However, their local producer and two accompanying Ukrainian police officers suffered minor injuries. Both their vehicle and their camera equipment were completely destroyed. The broadcaster emphasized that the quick action of the police on site could have saved lives.

Drone attack hits reporter team: missile hits car

“This time we were lucky. The Russian missile dropped by a drone that we heard hit our car right in the trunk. Luckily there was no one in the car,” said Fredriksson. “This is the reality for many in Ukraine: constant threat to life.”

TV4’s descriptions of the exact sequence of the attack have not yet been confirmed by independent sources. According to the broadcaster, the two experienced war reporters are currently in the Zaporizhia area. They were about to record Ukrainian countermeasures when they were attacked. The attack site is located just a few kilometers from the front line and near the dry reservoir after the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam.

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