Dispute about the 2023 World Cup: Which TV station shows the women?

Who is broadcasting the women’s soccer World Cup live on free TV and streaming? All information about the stations and games can be found here.

On July 20, 2023, the women’s soccer World Cup will start in Australia and New Zealand. However, it is still unclear where German fans can watch the games on TV. The dispute over the broadcasting rights between FIFA and the TV broadcasters has been going on for months. Most recently, FIFA President Gianni Infantino publicly threatened a blackout , broadcasters should not increase their price offers. At least you don’t have to do without the summaries of the games.

Football World Cup on free TV still uncertain

The deadline for granting the broadcasting rights to the games actually ended in February. In this country, the first and the ZDF applied, which also showed the championships of women in the past. Due to the offers, which he believes are far too low, FIFA boss Gianni Infantino is opposed, so that an agreement has not yet been reached even a few weeks before the first day of the game. Instead, negotiations with the public broadcasters continue.

The background to the dispute is that the rights to the football World Cup for women and men are being marketed separately for the first time. While FIFA criticizes the offers as far too low, especially compared to the payments in men’s football, the separation of marketing means significantly higher overall costs for the broadcasters. In addition, the time difference means that the games in European countries take place at inconvenient times.

Sky wants to show summaries

Pay-TV broadcaster Sky and streaming service DAZN are also in favor of broadcasting on ARD and ZDF. Both companies have since withdrawn from the bidding competition for the broadcasting rights to the games.

However, Sky subscribers do not have to do without the championship entirely. A spokesman for the broadcaster told TVSpielfilm.de that they at least wanted to show summaries of the games: “Of course we will also accompany the women’s World Cup on Sky and have a reporter on site. We also applied to Fifa for the rights to the game summaries.”

When is the Women’s World Cup?

The Women’s World Championship will be held in Australia and New Zealand this year, and thus in four different time zones. A live transmission would run in the morning and sometimes even at night in this country due to the time difference. For example, the opening game between New Zealand and Norway kicks off on July 20th at 8am European time.

For the German team, the World Cup starts on July 24th with the first game against Morocco. The other opponents in Group H are Colombia (on July 30) and South Korea (on August 3).

Stress with FC Bayern in preparation

Full-back Giulia Giulia Gwinn is missing from the 28-strong provisional squad for the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, as national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg announced in Frankfurt am Main on Wednesday. On the other hand, midfielder Melanie Leupolz from Chelsea is part of the squad just eight months after the birth of her son.

There is unexpected trouble about the release of the five players from FC Bayern Munich. They will only arrive at the training camp on June 23, which is three days later. “Unfortunately, contrary to agreements made at the beginning of the year, one club decided not to release its players by June 20, as agreed,” said Joti Chatzialexiou, sporting director of the national teams, in a DFB statement.

The team of vice European champions is led by captain Alexandra Popp and goalkeeper Merle Frohms from VfL Wolfsburg. Gwinn had not played a game since her second cruciate ligament tear in October. “Giulia is very far along with her rehabilitation plan, but she’s missing several weeks of training time,” said Voss-Tecklenburg 50 days before the start of the World Cup tournament (July 20 to August 20).

After the two training camps in Herzogenaurach with friendlies on June 24 in Offenbach against Vietnam and on July 7 in Fürth against Zambia, the final squad with 23 players will be announced. Voss-Tecklenburg relies largely on the trunk of the EM 2022 in England.

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