Donald Trump: Melania is ‘secret weapon’ in ‘hellish week’

While former US President Donald Trump is going through difficult times, his wife Melania Trump is proving to be his anchor and his secret weapon, according to those close to him.

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A Trump insider told Page Six of former US President Donald Trump: ‘Melania is being commended by her friends for speaking to President Trump in this hellish week of impeachment for the third time,’ keeps calm and focused.” And further: “Friends whisper that the last few weeks have been tough for Trump, and although he always has a tough facade, these constant legal attacks affect his daily life. “Melania is better for him than his daily rounds of golf.

Melania Trump takes the place of daughter Ivanka Trump

The couple regularly have breakfast with son Barron at their residence at Bedminster Golf Club. Melania sometimes turns off the news so they can watch something different together. She keeps him on track as a father and in many ways has taken the place formerly occupied by his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

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