Dramatic report from Orikhiv: Russian troops are weakening

In a context that is receiving attention far beyond Germany’s borders, the focus is on the Orikhiv front: researchers report a significant deterioration in Russian combat capabilities on site. It is not only useful in Germany to deal with the dynamic situation at the front and to use well-founded analyzes as a basis. Here the focus is on a critical assessment of the Russian troops’ ability to act by the Institute for War Research (ISW).

ISW analysis exposes weaknesses of Russian units in Orikhiv

ISW specialists have presented a remarkable analysis that underlines the impairment of the combat capabilities of Russian units on the Orikhiv Front. It is becoming clear that these units are no longer able to effectively counter all counterattacks and resist a breakthrough by Ukrainian forces.

Shoigu surprisingly highlights Russian formations

Detailed information from the ISW suggests that Sergei Shoigu, the Russian Defense Minister, during a conversation with the Russian military leadership, highlighted an unusual group of Russian armed formations operating on the Western Front of Zaporizhzhia Oblast. Shoigu’s election could indicate that he wanted to honor Russian commanders who consistently followed the military leadership’s orders for consistent counterattacks.

Shoigu omits key units in mentions

Shoigu attributed the successful Russian defensive actions in the Robotyne and Verbowe regions to units of the 70th Guards Motor Rifle Regiment and the 56th Air Assault Regiment, the 810th Marine Infantry Brigade and the 291st Guards Artillery Brigade, according to the ISW expert report . It is also striking that Shoigu did not specifically mention other formations that are generally credited with maintaining the line between Robotyne and Verbowe, such as the 108th VDV Regiment or the 247th VDV Regiment. According to the analysis, this circumstance could be seen as an indicator of internal processes and priorities within the Russian military leadership.

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