Drone debris lands in Romania: NATO does not yet see Putin’s plan behind it

Romania again discovers drone remains similar to those of Russia near the Ukrainian border. Despite the tensions and discoveries, NATO gives the all-clear regarding a direct attack on the country. Romanian authorities remain vigilant.

Romania repeatedly reports finds of drone fragments on its territory. According to NATO, however, there is no indication that Russia intends to attack Romania directly. Romanian NATO Ambassador Dan Neculăescu discussed this find during a North Atlantic Council meeting on September 13 and posted on a social platform known as

NATO sees no signs of deliberate attacks yet

Romanian authorities remain vigilant and are launching a thorough investigation, according to The Kyiv Independent’s report. Despite these discoveries, NATO continues to have no signs of a deliberate Russian attack on Allied territory. It was only on September 13th that the Romanian military may have discovered parts of a Russian drone that could have been damaged in an attack on Ukraine. The locations of these fragments are close to the Ukrainian border, particularly in the Danube Delta and near villages such as Nufărul and Victoria.

Official protests against airspace violations

In response to these findings, Bucharest summoned the Russian ambassador to protest against the alleged violation of Romanian airspace while condemning attacks on Ukraine, according to The Kyiv Independent. Similar fragments were found on September 6th and 9th. As a protective measure, Romania is now setting up reinforced security areas in endangered zones, building air raid shelters and issuing warnings via the Ro-Alert system.

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