Duchess Meghan became a fan girl with Victoria Beckham

Meghan met Victoria Beckham for the first time in 2013. At that time she was not yet a duchess – but a “Spice Girl” fan and adored Victoria.

It wasn’t long ago that the Sussexes and the Beckhams seemed like really good friends. Victoria (49) and David (48) are said to have supported Duchess Meghan (41) in her move to England so that she can gain a foothold in the home of her lover, Prince Harry (38). However, since Meghan and Harry’s exit from the royal family and their move to the United States, the friendship between the two power couples is said to have cooled – until it is said to have broken completely.

Duchess Meghan was once Victoria Beckham’s fangirl

As a former friend of Meghan, Lizzie Cundy (55), told The Mirror, Meghan is said to have always been a big “Spice Girls” fan and had a real fangirl moment when she first met Victoria Beckham. In 2013 – well before her time with Prince Harry – Meghan and Lizzie Cundy were at the same event as Victoria. When Meghan discovered the former “Spice Girl”, she freaked out completely. “I’ve never heard anyone snap like that before, Meghan was so thrilled to see Victoria Beckham,” says Lizzie Cundy. “She said ‘Oh my God! This is Victoria Beckham!’ It was crazy, I said, ‘You need to calm down and keep your cool’.” Meghan was so excited at the time that her face “lit up like a Christmas tree.” “She was a really big fan – she showed that,” says Lizzie Cundy, summing up the encounter.

Victoria and David Beckham end friendship with Meghan and Harry

It must have been a dream come true for the former actress that the Beckhams would then take Meghan under their wing and help her as she tried to find her feet in the UK. It’s a shame that the connection is now apparently on hold again – because of Meghan and Harry’s paranoia that someone from their environment could leak information about them to the press. Because that’s exactly what the prince is said to have accused the Beckhams of.

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