Duchess Meghan plans Hollywood comeback because she ‘loves being famous’

Before her marriage to Prince Harry (38), Duchess Meghan (42) had a successful acting career. Especially the series “Suits” helped to make her known to a wider audience. With the royal wedding, however, Duchess Meghan’s career in front of the camera ended. Nevertheless, the public remained strongly interested in the prince’s wife.

Despite setbacks: Duchess Meghan is sticking to career plans

Recently, rather unfavorable headlines about Harry and Meghan have dominated. From a perceived paparazzi chase, the ongoing attacks on the British royal family, to failed professional ventures and the fact that numerous celebrities have turned their backs on the famous couple, it has all undoubtedly tarnished the reputations of the Duchess and her husband. Report “pagesix.comHowever, according to Duchess Meghan, she has no intention of giving up. After a long and persistent fight for her privacy, she is now apparently considering a comeback.

Insider: Duchess Meghan and her team would work hard on the comeback

A new Instagram account for Duchess Meghan has already been created for this, but it does not yet contain any posts. The 42-year-old already has over 76,000 followers. Pictures of the Duchess have been popping up lately, and she doesn’t seem to be fighting back being photographed all the time, an insider revealed. She realized she had to live her life because the cameras didn’t go away. So now there are private insights into her everyday life again: shopping in the market, going to the cinema with friends – the Duchess is approachable and like a “completely normal” woman. All of this should prepare the ground for their comeback. A source said she and her team are working hard on it.

But what exactly it could be is not yet clear. Some suspect that the Duchess is planning a coup similar to Gwyneth Paltrows (50) with her “Goop” empire, others think Meghan will revive her old blog “The Tig”. “I think it’s going to be surprising and it’s not going to be what everyone expects,” an insider suggested.

In the future, she may also use her popularity for advertising purposes. The 42-year-old Duchess is considered a style icon, and her choice of clothes often sets trends. It was reported that she was even interested in a collaboration with luxury brand Cartier. However, the jewelery empire works closely with the British royals, and a cooperation with Duchess Meghan could endanger this relationship.

Also, is there a possibility that she will resume her acting career? A lot now seems to be within the realm of possibility again.

Prince Harry tends to avoid too much public attention

So the Duchess is back in the spotlight again and doesn’t seem to be hiding anymore, in fact now wanting to take advantage of the fact that her every step is being followed and pretty much everything she does attracts attention. The reason? A source wants to know her: “She loves being famous.” But you could also be while protecting your privacy, as stars such as George Clooney (62) prove.

His wife’s change in attitude may be met with opposition from her husband, Harry, who has little interest in being in the media spotlight, according to a source. In particular, he wants to protect his children from too much public attention.

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