Duchess Meghan’s lifestyle blog is set to return

“The Tig” is to be brought back to life. This is Duchess Meghan’s lifestyle blog. But she’s not the only blogger in Hollywood.

According to an insider, Duchess Meghan’s (41) lifestyle blog “The Tig” is coming back. But how does the competitor, blogger colleague Gwyneth Paltrow (50) see it? The actress is very successful with her blog “Goop”. Could Meghan get in her way? However, if you compare both platforms, clear differences can be seen.

That’s how much Paltrow earns from her blog

According to information from “bild.de” there are still worlds between the two blogs. Meghan Markle was able to post income of just 80,000 US dollars with her blog in 2017 – the last active year of her site – Gwyneth Paltrow in the same year around 18 million US dollars. The number of employees also differed significantly at the time: while Meghan ran her blog as a lone fighter, 80 employees were already working for the “Goop” entrepreneur in 2017.

How does Duchess Meghan earn her money after the podcast is off?

The “Sunday Express” now claims to have learned from a source that Meghan has to look for other sources of income after the early end of her Spotify podcast “Archetype” and her management is said to be urging her to get the blog up and running again as soon as possible. The insider is quoted on “bild.de” as saying that “The Tig” is a “golden ticket to making unlimited money” – at least according to the WME agency, with which Meghan is under contract. The managers are certain: “If Gwyneth Paltrow can turn ‘Goop’ into a quarter-billion dollar company, then the sky is the limit.”

Gwyneth and Meghan are not rivals

Many assume that Gwyneth Paltrow shouldn’t be thrilled with the development of her competitor blog – but that’s a mistake. The opposite seems to be the case: the actress is said to even give Meghan tips on how “dailymail.com.uk” was able to find out. No wonder, the two blogs are not very similar thematically: while Gwyneth appeals more to the sexual and spiritual side of the user, Prince Harry’s (38) wife informs more about family-friendly topics. Already in March, Meghan announced that she wanted to continue her blog – and had to take harsh criticism. Background to the prophecies of doom: The lifestyle blog is incompatible with your charity work.

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