Dutch royal couple on 230,000 euro vacation in Italy

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands are currently enjoying their holiday on a luxury yacht. It is almost 60 meters long and has already housed a musical legend. Unsurprisingly, then, that the royals have to pay a lot for it.

Whether in public appearances or in private moments: King Willem-Alexander (56) and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands (52) know how to make the perfect impression. With a bright smile and elegant clothes, mama Máxima, in particular, regularly inspires a wide audience and melts the hearts of the Dutch people.

The royal couple is currently enjoying a few undisturbed days in Italy. But instead of focusing on down-to-earthness, it seems that Willem-Alexander and Máxima value pure luxury above all on their family vacation. The trip on board a luxury yacht is anything but cheap.

The royal couple of the Netherlands sails across the sea in a yacht

The parents of three are currently sailing north of Sicily off the Aeolian Islands on an elegant luxury yacht. As the Italian daily newspaper currently noted, it should not be just any boat, but one of the oldest mega yachts called “Marala”, which is said to be around 58.83 meters long. And that’s not all! According to the daily newspaper, when the royal couple goes ashore, they are allegedly escorted by a police boat from the Italian Carabinieri before they go on a tour of discovery in the sometimes picturesque little towns or have a noble dinner in restaurants like “Da Pina”. A luxury that seems to be worth something to the Dutch royals.

Frank Sinatra has also stayed on the yacht

As the Italian daily newspaper “Giornale di Sicilia” currently reports, the accommodation on the luxury yacht “Marala”, which has already accommodated guests such as Frank Sinatra († 82) or King Juan Carlos of Spain (85), is said to be a fortune have tasted. The yacht, which sleeps up to twelve passengers, is said to cost the Dutch royals around 230,000 euros per week. Anything but a bargain!

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