Elon Musk Says Twitter Clash With Apple a “Misunderstanding”

On Wednesday, Tesla and SpaceX co-founder Elon Musk met with Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, and resolved their disagreement that prompted Musk to make war on the iPhone maker’s App Store, Twitter CEO said.

“Among other things, we resolved the misunderstanding about Twitter potentially being removed from the App Store,” Musk tweeted.

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“Tim was clear that Apple never considered doing so.”

Musk also shared a short clip of the immaculate Apple HQ in Cupertino, California, commenting that he had a nice chat with Cook.

On the other hand, iPhone maker Apple did not reply to AFP requests for comment.

The richest person in the world opened fire at the world’s most valuable company early this week due to rules and fees at the App Store, stating that Apple threatened to remove his recently acquired social media company.

CEO of the social media giant, Musk, tweeted a threat to pull Twitter from its mobile app store, but he declined to elaborate on why.

Apple, which has a neutral stance on the issue, typically informs developers if changes need to be made to apps in order for them to be compliant with App Store policies.

Analysts said a money struggle may have led up to the clash, with Elon Musk irked that the App Store charges a commission for subscription transactions.

Elon Musk has pushed back the launch date for the Twitter Blue subscription tier intended to have users pay for verification check marks.

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