End of season postponed to 2024 due to Hollywood strike

End of season postponed to 2024 due to Hollywood strike

Impact of the Hollywood strike

“Yellowstone” season finale postponed until next year

Paramount has to postpone the season finale of “Yellowstone” due to the Hollywood strikes.

Fans of the western series “Yellowstone” will have to be patient: the finale of the fifth season will not air until November 2024 due to the strike in Hollywood. Paramount Network has announced two spin-offs of the series.

New York. The long-awaited final episodes of the contemporary western series “Yellowstone” with Kevin Costner will not be shown for another year. The broadcast of the final episodes of the fifth season will be postponed to November 2024, Paramount Network announced on Thursday (local time).

The episodes were originally scheduled to be released this month. However, recent strikes by Hollywood actors and screenwriters led to delays in production, it said. The first episodes of the fifth season were broadcast in November 2022.

The streaming service also announced two spin-offs for the series: a prequel tentatively titled “1944” and a “Yellowstone” sequel called “2024.” Nothing is yet known about the cast of the two series.

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“Yellowstone” is an unexpected success for Paramount, with the first episode of the fifth season having 12.1 million viewers – more than any other series episode broadcast at the time. The episodes tell the story of the Duttons, a wealthy family from Montana who own the largest ranch in the United States. Their patriarch is John Dutton III, played by Costner. The series was created by Taylor Sheridan.

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