Erdogan shows up at a pro-Palestinian demonstration and threatens religious war

Today is actually the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic, reported “” . But Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan obviously didn’t feel like celebrating at all. At a pro-Palestinian rally in Istanbul, Erdogan spoke in a rage and blamed the West for the massacres in the Gaza Strip.

These are “exclusively the work of the West,” said Erdogan. Massacres are acknowledgment of the fact that the West is constantly creating a “crusade atmosphere” against Muslims.

Erdogan threatens the West with religious war

Erdogan sees a “war between the cross and the crescent moon” coming, reports “”. “If you continue like this, then don’t forget, the (Muslim nation of Turkey) is still alive,” Erdogan said. The wars in Libya and currently in the Middle East showed what we are capable of. “We can come unexpectedly every night,” said Erdogan, seemingly addressing the Christian and Jewish West.

Erdogan recently canceled a planned visit to Israel and claimed that Hamas was “not a terrorist organization.

On November 18th, Erdogan is expected to attend a friendly football match between Turkey and Germany in Berlin at the invitation of Chancellor Scholz.

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