Everyone laughs at Pocher in “Grill den Henssler”, but he tears up at the end

“Grill den Henssler”: Pocher is treated badly on a TV cooking show – then he leaves everyone amazed.

“What kind of candidates are they!” Cooking coach Christian Lohse suffered a lot from his celebrities. One person in particular received a lot of criticism and yet punished everyone for lying: In the end, Oliver Pocher even shed tears of joy.

Here’s to the next ten years! If the “Grill den Henssler” (VOX) is as entertaining as the anniversary show on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the TV cooking show, then you can only be happy for everyone involved in the studio and on the screen.

The secret of this show is that it’s not just about cooking. This became clear again at the anniversary party. Moderator Laura Wontorra promised Steffen Henssler, who was celebrating his birthday, a “colorful surprise bag for you,” but then immediately said: “Don’t get used to the slime, it won’t stay that way.”

That’s how it happened, and it was a good thing. Because Henssler was not only shown a few nice memories of the last ten years of grilling, but was also presented with five celebrities who didn’t want to give him anything. Above all, Christian Lohse, who took a seat in the cooking coach chair for the 17th time.

Then Henssler had to deal with long-time juror Mirja Boes and the evergreen opponents Paul Panzer and Oliver Pocher. And because that wasn’t enough cooking caliber, Henssler had to compete in the improv class against, according to Wontorra, “the best chef in Germany”. Namely against yourself!

Twin alarm at “Grill den Henssler”: Henssler grills himself

Because suddenly two Steffen Hensslers were on stage! The audience and Henssler were amazed. The solution to the twin puzzle: comedian Jan van Weyde, who is not only a voice-over on “Tempation Island” but also an impersonator of Steffen Henssler in the comedy format “Binge Reloaded”, was boiling over the original.

However, he was better at double-crossing than at the stove: Hennsler got GdH veteran Reiner “Calli” Calmund and “Mr. scratchy underpants” Christian Rach won the first ten points, while the “Henssler clone” benefited from the fact that each jury point from VOX was offset by 500 euros in favor of the RTL donation marathon. “We also have to think about the children,” they said – and hey presto, Henssler II lost to Henssler, the unique one, 24:29.

Then it was Paul Panzer’s turn to enter the cooking arena. When the comedian does this, ingredients and utensils traditionally fly all over the kitchen counter. In addition, Panzer is excellent at simmering the nerves of everyone involved. In particular, cooking coach Lohse, who, according to Wontorra, gave “a lot of speed” with his snappy commands, reached the brink of despair. Because Panzer resolutely ignored him in the end, preferring to hum “Carmina Burana” and, after Henssler’s blasphemy (“That looks like less than nothing”), philosophized: “Taste doesn’t always have an opinion.”

Paul Panzer mocks Steffen Henssler: “You’re just a fast food restaurant!”

But the miracles happened. Firstly, Panzer actually brought three plates full of “Shakschuka” to the jury table in a timely manner. And secondly, even though Lohse asked in consternation: “Can I kill him?”, it was still tasty. And according to the judges Calmund and Zarrella, it was even better than Henssler’s plate. What he couldn’t believe: “What? That doesn’t exist, it can’t be.” Panzer, on the other hand, danced around Henssler after his third victory in the sixth duel and mocked him: “You’re just a fast food restaurant!”

Mirja Boes’ comeback was something very special. The comedienne was Henssler’s celebrity opponent in 2015 and moved to the jury panel in 2019, where she was an eloquent and funny audience favorite for eight seasons and three summer specials. Now she returned to the grill for the main course (“saddle of lamb in Tramezzini with Sauce Vierge and stuffed pointed peppers”), immediately ordered Oli Pocher to her side as kitchen assistant and, despite being “very afraid of Mr. Rach”, she started cooking happily. And good: She received nine points each from Zarrella and “Calli”. Christian Rach, however, rose to give both chefs a standing ovation and awarded two top marks. Henssler received three and won the high-class course 30:28.

Oliver Pocher solo: “An advantage, definitely for Amira”

“Now comes the dessert, with which I will gain nine points. That’s eeeeasy!” At the beginning of the dessert, Oliver Pocher was still loudmouthed as usual. That changed. First, Wontorra teased him about his separation from his wife Amira Pocher: “You’re alone today. Is that an advantage or a disadvantage.”

Pocher: “An advantage, definitely for Amira.” Wontorra then stated that she could “just look past the Oli” because of her own body length. Pocher sulked for a moment: “That’s dwarf shaming!” he complained.

At the end all the plates were there. A performance that amazed both Wontorra (“And I thought I was being stupid in the kitchen…”) and Lohse (“It’s like assisted living”). Pocher himself was also surprised: “I have no idea, but I’ll be opening a shop soon.” Only Henssler didn’t trust peace: “Pocher is always good for a surprise.”

Pocher almost bursts into tears

Actually, it was more of a blue miracle that everyone, but especially Henssler, experienced. Because after 26 minutes of sizzling for “orange cake with peanut brittle,” Rach (9:9) and Zarrella (10:10) scored two enthusiastic draws.

Rach was as happy as Zarrella that he was able to rate it highly: “I’m not wearing my scratchy underpants today, I’m wrapped in velvet.”

Of all people, “Dessert Pope” Calmund made the sensation perfect with his vote (9:8 for Pocher): Pocher won 28:27 and almost burst into tears.

Calmund (“He didn’t cook that himself, did he?”) briefly doubted his rating, but Henssler took it in stride. In the end he won the anniversary show comfortably with 115:107. The point score in turn led to a donation amount, which VOX rounded up to 120,000 euros, which will benefit the RTL foundation “We help children”.

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