Farewell in tears: Helene Fischer ends her “Rausch” tour

After over 70 concerts, Helene Fischer was on stage for the last time on October 8th during her “Rausch” tour.

Helene Fischer has performed over 70 concerts in three different countries. On Sunday evening (October 8th) she ended her “Rausch” tour with a performance in Frankfurt.

Fans prepared a surprise for Helene Fischer

The crew, fans and organizer Marek Lieberberg didn’t miss the opportunity to properly celebrate the pop queen at her last appearance, as “schlagerprofis.de“ reported. For example, fans used adhesive dots to make the Frankfurt Festhalle shine in rainbow colors and brought the singer to tears.

Red roses for Helene Fischer

In classic fashion, Marek Lieberberg presented a huge bouquet of red roses and the team initiated a Laola wave. Lots of emotions for Helene Fischer, who has given everything for her fans in the past few weeks and has now more than earned a break.

At home with her partner Thomas Seitel and her sweet daughter Nala, she can now calmly reflect on the most beautiful moments of the tour. For example, the moments when she brought fans on stage and fulfilled their heart’s desire – she even sang their love song on stage in a duet with a young woman in Frankfurt.

Not everything went smoothly on Helene Fischer’s tour

The tour had a lot to offer the fans, but unfortunately it also had a moment of shock. At the end of the first half of her concert series in Hanover in June, the singer injured herself so badly while performing a trapeze exercise that she had to stop the concert. She broke a rib while rehearsing for her comeback tour.

It seems that she really goes to great lengths to give her fans an impressive show – and maybe even goes beyond her limits sometimes. But now she has time to rest. At least until December, because then her popular Christmas format “The Helene Fischer Show” will be on ZDF.

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