FC Bayern comments on Mazraoui’s anti-Israel post for the first time

“FC Bayern immediately contacted Noussair Mazraoui following his Instagram posts on Sunday. The player is currently in Africa with the Morocco national team. After his return, a detailed personal conversation with the club management in Munich is planned.” This is reported by the “Picture“.

Bayern player Mazraoui shared a video on Instagram wishing the Palestinians a victory in the war with Israel. In the short clip, a voice says in the style of a prayer: “God, help our oppressed brothers in Palestine to achieve victory. May God give mercy to the dead, may God heal their wounded.”

It is not yet known whether there will be any consequences for Mazraoui, who is also a Moroccan international.

Benzema and Aouate publicly argue about the war in Israel

However, Mazraoui is not the only footballer who has drawn criticism for his public reaction to the Israel conflict. The French world footballer and former Real Madrid star Karim Benzema also sparked massive criticism with a post on X (formerly Twitter). Specifically, the world footballer spoke on Sunday of “unjust bombings” of the people in Gaza that “spare neither women nor children.” The top striker, who has been playing in Saudi Arabia since the summer, is obviously referring to Israel, which is currently carrying out air strikes in Gaza. Benzema made no mention of the massacre that terrorists from the radical Islamist Hamas carried out in Israel on October 7th.

The former national goalkeeper of Israel, Dudu Aouate, commented on the French international’s entry with the clear words “You are a big son of a bitch!”.

Last week, Aouate took a clear position on Hamas’ attack against the civilian population of Israel. 

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