FC Bayern decides to change Eberl, the new sports boss does not come alone

What has been apparent for months has now been decided internally. Max Eberl becomes the new sports director at FC Bayern. The only question that remains open is when the former Leipzig sports director will start working for the record champions.

Max Eberl is about to take on a role as FC Bayern’s new sports director. According to information from “Sky”, the Munich supervisory board has decided that Eberl should come to Munich.

Sky reporter Florian Plettenberg explained: “They said internally: It should be Max Eberl. The whole thing is now on the home stretch and will definitely go ahead. Max Eberl is ready for FC Bayern.“

FC Bayern agree: “It should be Max Eberl”

However, it still needs to be clarified when Eberl will take up the post in Munich. Plettenberg said: “The big question is: Will he only come after the winter transfer window or will he support Bayern during the winter transfer window? That’s not decided yet. Bayern have still not agreed on this. Only that Eberl should become the new sports director at FC Bayern.“

Eberl’s “Right Hand” should probably come too

Eberl could apparently also bring a confidant with him to the record champions. Felix Krüger was brought into conversation on “Sky”.

Krüger is considered Eberl’s close confidant and “right-hand man”. He was most recently sports coordinator at RB Leipzig. After Eberl was released from the Red Bull Club at the end of September, Krüger also had to leave.

According to information from “Sky”, both of them can very well imagine a new collaboration in Munich. But there is nothing concrete on the subject yet.

Eberl was released from RB Leipzig due to a “lack of commitment” to the club. Previously, he was responsible for sports at Borussia Mönchengladbach for over 13 years.

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