FC Bayern: U-turn at Kane? Tottenham set conditions for transfers

Will there be a reversal in the transfer poker around Harry Kane? So far, Tottenham Hotspur have tried everything to prevent a move to Bayern. But this attitude seems to be crumbling. Now it could finally come to the transfer.

In the past few days, reports have been circulating that Tottenham are still hoping for an extension from Harry Kane. Accordingly, one would even be willing to double the salary of the top scorer. As reported by the British Times, the 29-year-old categorically rules out staying with the Spurs. Kane made it very clear to those responsible that he wanted to go to Bayern.

Harry Kane does not want to force a change to Bayern Munich

Accordingly, while Kane does not want to force a change, an extension is not an option. If in doubt, the England star would be ready to go on a free transfer in 2024.

It is interesting: According to the “Times”, Kane’s clear “no” has led to the fact that those responsible in London are now dealing with a sale in the summer. Accordingly, there are certain framework conditions that Bayern would have to meet before Kane is given permission to move.

Tottenham set conditions for Kane move to Bayern Munich

In terms of transfer, Daniel Levy and Co. insist on £100m, which corresponds to around EUR 115m. In addition, the Spurs do not want to get involved in any installment payments. In plain language, this means that Bayern would have to pay the Kane transfer fee in one fell swoop, which is now rarely the case in the industry.

While the one-off payment is unlikely to be a deal breaker for Bayern Munich, there is certainly still a need for discussion on the part of Bayern when it comes to the amount of the transfer fee. According to rumours, FCB’s financial pain threshold is 100 million euros.

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