Fierce fighting: Hard Russian hits in southern Donetsk

According to Russian information, there were high Ukrainian losses in a Russian attack on the Ukrainian positions in southern Donetsk. As the Kremlin-aligned Russian news agency “TassAccording to reports, around 160 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and one tank was destroyed in these clashes.

According to Tass, units of the Kampfgruppe Ost, in cooperation with army aircraft and artillery, caused significant damage. They targeted the personnel of the Ukrainian brigades near the city of Ugledar and other settlements in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Fierce fighting near Zaporizhia

During clashes in the Zaporizhia region, Russian units are said to have successfully repelled five attack attempts by the Ukrainian armed forces. As Tass reports, Russian combat groups used air strikes and artillery fire to thwart the advances of Ukraine’s 82nd Mechanized and 65th Air Assault Brigades near the towns of Verbovoye and Robotyne.

The losses on the Ukrainian side were significant. The ministry stated that 85 Ukrainian soldiers had died within 24 hours. Four tanks, five armored fighting vehicles and two other vehicles were also destroyed.

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