Football star Neymar has to pay millions in fines for environmental crimes

Brazil’s football star Neymar has to pay a fine of just over three million euros for violating environmental laws on his property in Mangaratiba. In a statement from the responsible municipal office, quoted by the Brazilian media, there was talk of a total of four fines.

Neymar had an artificial lake created

The focus is on the artificial lake that the 31-year-old professional from Paris Saint-Germain had created on his property. In total, dozens of violations were identified in a 46-page report by the environmental inspection team and the legal opinion of the local authority. The case was also forwarded to the public prosecutor’s office and the police.

Police officers and environmental officials in Mangaratiba recently prohibited construction work on the artificial lake after an inspection. The administration of the coastal municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro had announced that several environmental violations had been found. This included the diversion of watercourses, unauthorized abstraction of water from rivers and earthmoving.

Neymar is said to have celebrated the inauguration of the lake in the closed area, as reported in photos posted on social media. After that, the environmental agency had already announced that the fine would increase.

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