For Putin “nonsense”: double war by the USA against Russia and China

Vladimir Putin on Sunday dismissed as “nonsense” the idea that the US should prepare for military confrontations with both Russia and China. This reports “Reuters“. Putin emphasized that a war with Russia would have a completely different dimension than the current conflicts in Ukraine.

Putin comments on American plans

In a pro-Kremlin broadcast called “Moscow. Kremlin. PutinThe Russian president gave an interview to journalist Pavel Zarubin in which he also commented on the possibility of nuclear war. He was commenting on a report from the US Congress that says America should prepare for wars against both nations, Russia and China, at the same time.

USA should prepare for a simultaneous war

A bipartisan committee appointed by the US government recently recommended that the US strengthen its conventional forces, strengthen its alliances and advance its nuclear weapons modernization program to prepare for possible parallel wars with Russia and China. This recommendation from the Strategic Posture Commission comes amid growing geopolitical tensions – with China over the Taiwan issue and other matters, and with Russia over recent events in Ukraine.

Reactions from Beijing

The Chinese newspaper Global Times, which is close to the Chinese Communist Party, commented critically on the report. She emphasized that following these recommendations could pose significant risks to global peace and could potentially be directed against the United States itself. The paper also called on Washington to heed the Chinese proverb: “He who challenges the fire may perish in it.”

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