Former Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon arrested

A 52-year-old woman has been arrested “as a suspect in connection with ongoing investigations into the funding and finances of the Scottish National Party (SNP),” police said on Sunday. British media reported that it was Sturgeon. This had announced that it would cooperate extensively with the authorities if their involvement was necessary.

The investigations, which have been ongoing since 2021, are about a possible misappropriation of donations of almost 667,000 pounds (around 780,000 euros) intended for the SNP’s independence campaign. Her husband Peter Murrell and then SNP Treasurer Colin Beattie were arrested in April. Both were later released without any charges being brought against them.

Sturgeon resigned in February – then her party descended into chaos

After more than eight years in office, Sturgeon surprisingly announced her resignation from the leadership of the party and government in February. In the election campaign that followed, the party presented itself as divided and sometimes chaotic. Now the 37-year-old Humza Yousaf is at the helm, who is considered Sturgeon’s preferred candidate.

The ruling SNP’s main goal is to detach Scotland from the UK and bring it back into the EU as an independent country. However, with London blocking a new referendum, the road is rocky. “I don’t think we can achieve independence right now,” SNP President Russell said in an interview. It is necessary to form a new independence movement and promote the goal in a coordinated manner. “It’s achievable,” Russell said. It is necessary to find a way.

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