Former Trump confidante Chris Christie wants to go to the White House

The former governor of the US state of New Jersey made his bid for the Republican presidential nomination public on Tuesday (local time). “I want your support,” Christie said in front of an audience in Manchester, New Hampshire. Christie previously wanted to be his party’s presidential candidate in 2016, but withdrew after poor results in the primaries. Christie is considered a former confidante of ex-President Donald Trump.

The 60-year-old attacked the ex-president directly in his speech: “Donald Trump has made us smaller by dividing us further and playing one group against another every day.” Trump is obsessed with the mirror, never gives one Accepting mistakes, always blaming someone else for mishaps and always wanting to take credit for everything that goes well, Christie said. Trump commented on Christie’s speech on his Twitter replacement Truth Social as “boring” – it was difficult to bear.

Christie also criticized that there are applicants for the candidacy who “say that we shouldn’t care about what’s happening in Ukraine”. Those politicians said Americans shouldn’t care “that Russia wants to bring back a free and freedom-loving country under its thumb,” said Christie, who detailed US history in his speech.

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