“Fridays for Future” spokeswoman shocks with crazy accusations against Jews

On Sunday afternoon, a pro-Palestinian demonstration was held at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. This was approved by the city as a vigil. But the mood quickly changed and anti-Semitic shouts were chanted, as the “Bild” newspaper reported.

“Fridays for Future” spokeswoman verbally attacks the President of the Central Council of Jews

“Fridays for Future” spokeswoman Elisa Bas (22) is also involved. She shared a video of the demo on her Instagram profile. She included a quote from Josef Schuster, the President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany: “It has to happen do something. The barbarians are among us.” Schuster addresses the anti-Semitic mood in the country. Bas picks up on this: “There is a pogrom mood against Palestinians in Germany and Schuster is fueling it.”

Bas does not mention that people in Berlin publicly celebrated the Hamas attack on the streets. In addition, Jews suffered from pogroms during the Nazi era. With her words, the FFF spokeswoman brings Schuster and the Jewish people closer to the Nazis.

Elisa Bas accuses Israel of genocide against Palestinians

The 22-year-old’s social media post continues: “Silence never helps the oppressed, it protects the perpetrators. It accepts the oppression and allows it to happen. The genocide and being forced to remain silent about a genocide.” Bas is thereby accusing Israel of the systematic murder of the Palestinian people.

When asked by “Bild”, the “Fridays for Future” organization did not want to comment on Bas’s statements. The 22-year-old’s once public Instagram profile is now no longer accessible on the social media platform.

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