Friedrich von Thun’s ex-wife Gabriele “Yella” died after a long illness

Sad news from the von Thun family. As reported by “”, Gabriele von Thun, known as Yella, died at the age of 81. As has only just become known, she died a few months ago after a long illness in a Munich nursing home.

Gabriele “Yella” von Thun: Children Gioia and Max von Thun are actors

The Austrian designer and Munich society lady, whose name was Gabriele Bleyler, was married to TV star Friedrich von Thun (80) until 1984. Their children Gioia (49) and Max von Thun (46) are also actors. According to information from “”, Gabriele von Thun suffered from dementia.

She had a close relationship with her son, who looks like a spitting image of her. Max von Thun once enthused: “I owe everything I can and am to my mother.” Nevertheless, it was important to him to step out of the shadow of his well-known parents. “It took a while for people to realize that I’m not just someone’s son,” he told the Berliner Morgenpost in 2011. He also does not use his aristocratic title Count von Thun und Hohenstein as an actor.

The 46-year-old has not yet publicly commented on his mother’s death.

Friedrich von Thun mourned his second wife in 2018

Friedrich von Thun was married to Gabriele “Gaby” von Thun, née Schniewind, from 1999 to 2009. She died by suicide in 2018. The actor told at the time: “I am deeply saddened to announce that my ex-wife, Gaby von Thun, ended her life yesterday. It was important to her to say goodbye to her family and friends in the most loving way and to ask for their understanding. She fell asleep peacefully, convinced that she would have the chance for a next life.”

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