From these three locations, missile defense “Arrow 3” protects the whole of Germany

From September 2025, Germany is to be equipped with the Israeli-American “Arrow 3” missile defense system at three locations and thus become a pillar of the NATO protective shield. According to information from the editorial network Germany (RND) from the Bundeswehr and politicians it is planned to set up the air defense system in northern Germany in Schleswig-Holstein, in southern Germany in Bavaria and in the greater Berlin area at the Holzdorf/Schoenewalde air base on the Saxony-Anhalt-Brandenburg state border.

Missile defense system from 2025 at three locations in Germany

September 1, 2025 is planned as the start for Holzdorf/Schönewalde, with the other two bases following later. The Air Force also has a helicopter squadron in Holzdorf/Schoenewalde, which is to receive the majority of the new 60 Chinook helicopters, the purchase of which the Bundestag intends to decide on next Wednesday.

“Arrow 3” has a range of 2400 kilometers and can intercept and destroy enemy long- and medium-range missiles up to 100 kilometers in altitude – far from their target. The protection of the entire Federal Republic is basically independent of the locations, it said. Neighboring countries should also benefit.

According to the federal government’s plans, the system is to be used as part of NATO’s missile defense system, which countries such as Poland, Romania and the Baltic states could join.

The contract for the system, which is expected to cost around four billion euros, will be concluded with Israel. The USA would have to agree, however, because they are involved in the development with the armaments company Boeing, among others. Israel is getting the export license from the USA. She is expected every day, according to the Ministry of Defense. The purchase will be financed from the 100 billion euro special fund for the Bundeswehr, which was decided after Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

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