Fukuyama’s gloomy forecast: This is how he sees Russia disintegrating

Francis Fukuyama, a renowned American political scientist, comments on Russia’s potential future scenarios and emphasizes that a weakening of the country could bring benefits to the people living in it. He presents a perspective in which he can imagine various scenarios, including the collapse of Russia. Furthermore, Fukuyama emphasizes that although he does not believe in a short-term collapse, it is essential to be prepared and face it without fear.

Focus on future scenarios

In particular, said Fukuyama in an interview with “The New Voice of Ukraine“, the global community should be prepared for various possible forms of the Russian state in the future. The world should be prepared, but not afraid of the possible breakup of the country. This prospect, particularly given the proliferation of Russian weapons, is raising fears in many Western countries.

Support for Ukraine is key

The New Voice of Ukraine underlines Fukuyama’s point of view on Ukraine’s role in this possible future course. He sees support for Ukraine as an essential mechanism to steer “events in one direction or the other.” The New Voice of Ukraine further highlights that, according to Fukuyama, Ukraine has already achieved success by tiring out Russia. Continuous weakening could ultimately lead to greater freedom for people living under Russian rule, the political scientist concluded.

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