Gal Hirsch: Controversial ex-Israel general should free all Hamas hostages

As “Spiegel” reports, Hirsch’s rise initially ended in 2006 after the Second Lebanon War broke out. Hirsch, who was born in 1964, previously made a career in the army and rose to the position of general.

But Hirsch’s division at the time failed to stop Hezbollah from kidnapping two Israeli soldiers. This incident led to the Second Lebanon War. Even in war, deer should “Mirror“-According to information, strategic errors were made in two battles that cost the lives of numerous elite soldiers.

Gal Hirsch – Former general has been criticized since the Second Lebanon War in 2006

After the end of the war, an investigative commission spoke out against further promoting the general. Hirsch then resigned from his job. Despite returning to duty six years later (2012), criticism of Hirsch did not subside.

It is therefore surprising from an Israeli perspective that Netanyahu has chosen Hirsch, a man who is considered very temperamental and does not enjoy full support.

Photos of released hostages fuel mistrust in former General Hirsch

At the weekend, however, Hirsch was photographed with two returned hostages. However, the USA and the Emirate of Qatar were responsible for this release and not the deer, who was suffering from cancer two years ago.

Two more women have now been allowed to return from Gaza to Israel, meaning that 218 men, women and children still need to be brought to safety.

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