German professional boxer Halmich on the kiss scandal: “Shouldn’t have happened”

In an emotional Instagram post, Regina Halmich speaks up about the kiss scandal surrounding Rubiales and settles accounts with the Spanish football president. Your criticism is also directed at Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who initially downplayed the kiss.

Luis Rubiales kissed Spanish player Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth at the award ceremony. Without Hermoso’s consent. The scene sparked a debate that reached as far as boxing icon Regina Halmich.

Regina Halmich: “The kiss shouldn’t have happened like that!”

“We’re discussing something that the whole world has seen. A kiss that shouldn’t have happened like that,” the woman from Karlsruhe begins her emotional statement on Instagram. In her post, the 46-year-old not only criticizes Rubiales, but also FC Bayern board member Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. “What are these machos actually thinking?” asks the 46-year-old angrily. Rubiales showed neither remorse nor self-reflection. “Imagine if Angela Merkel had kissed Philipp Lahm like that. There would have been a great outcry,” said Halmich.

Football official Karl-Heinz Rummenigge also criticizes the former boxing world champion in her post: “But hey, we women shouldn’t be so inductive and not overdramatize everything, something like that can happen with such exuberant emotions. No, Mr. Rummenigge, it can’t. Your opinion is more from a land before time.”

The former CEO of Bayern had previously expressed understanding for Rubiale’s behavior. “If you World Champion becomes, one is emotional. And what he did there is – sorry, with all due respect – absolutely fine.”

“Positions of power must not be exploited”

A statement that Halmich does not share at all. “We don’t make out of a mosquito an elephant – it’s about the basics and more sensitivity would be appropriate here. I expect that we women will not only be accepted, but also respected. Positions of power must not be exploited and used incorrectly,” she continues in her post. So she expects a certain amount of control even on happy occasions.

“It’s about time that an example was set,” sums up Halmich. Insight and a sincere apology could have changed a lot for the better, she is sure. “But in the macho world, an apology equates to weakness. Then the perpetrator would much rather make himself the victim.” And the mother goes on hunger strike for her “poor boy”. “To be honest, my sympathy is limited,” she said box icon.

On the other hand, she finds the many Spanish men who show solidarity with the Spanish soccer players strong. “Because they exist, the really good guys! Thanks for that!”

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