Girlfriend met Matthew Perry shortly before his death: “He was so happy”

Last weekend, the sad news of Matthew Perry’s death shocked the world. Now a friend is giving insight into her experiences with him shortly before his death.

The sudden news of the death of the popular actor Matthew Perry († 54), known from the hit series “Friends”, caused shock around the world. Perry died at his home in Los Angeles at the age of just 54. His unexpected loss caused deep dismay not only among his fans, but also among his closest friends and relatives. But what exactly happened in the last days before his death? A close friend who met the actor shortly before his death gave up Instagram Insights into the events.

Matthew Perry: She was one of his last encounters before his tragic death

Shortly before his death, photos were published showing Matthew Perry accompanied by a woman in a restaurant. The woman is Athenna Crosby, a friend of Perry’s. She was one of the last people to meet him in person before his sudden death, as she announced on Instagram. At first she was hesitant to speak publicly about the actor’s death and her last encounter with him. In an emotional statement, she said: “I am devastated by his death but I felt it would be in poor taste to speak about it publicly as the attention should not be on me but on him and his legacy and he was an extremely private person and I have always respected that in our friendship.”

Matthew Perry: Girlfriend reports positive mood before his death

The 54-year-old had many plans for the future and despite much speculation about the circumstances of his death, Athenna Crosby insisted that he was in great spirits when they met. “I would like to emphasize that Matthew was in extremely good spirits and spoke to me enthusiastically about the things he had planned to do in his life. He was so happy and lively.”

Due to Matthew Perry’s previous drug and alcohol problems, there has been speculation as to whether this may have contributed to his death. However, initial investigation results indicate that neither an overdose of fentanyl nor crystal meth were responsible for his death. However, more detailed investigations are still pending.

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